Introducing BriefCache by Ponzitracker

 Two years ago, Ponzitracker was launched with a simple goal in mind - to serve as a comprehensive resource on the proliferation of Ponzi schemes.  This has included regular reporting on schemes across the world, as well as other educational information regardless of whether the audience was a victim, litigant, or lawyer. (This audience apparently also included perpetrators, as one recent decision from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals showed.)  This information has remained free of charge, and free of advertisements or other distractions.  Since its launch, Ponzitracker has strived to stay at the forefront of Ponzi litigation, and in doing so has been recognized as a Top 25 Business Blog by Lexis Nexis and is routinely ranked as one of the top blogs by Avvo.  Today, it will go one step further by introducing Briefcache.

With a steadily-growing library of 500+ articles, the thought recently occurred as to how Ponzitracker could function as a resource not only for the casual reader, but for practitioners in the rapidly growing niche industry of Ponzi litigation.  As hundreds of Ponzi schemes have been uncovered in the past several years, a strengthening legal jurisprudence is emerging.  However, much of this information is not easily available.

Today, Ponzitracker will launch Briefcache, which is the beginning of efforts to make the burgeoning jurisprudence of Ponzi litigation available to all.  Briefcache features thousands of legal documents categorized by topic that have been filed, litigated, and decided in Ponzi scheme receivership and bankruptcy cases.  From the sale of airplanes to status reports to recovering land to returning funds to victims, these documents are all now available after months of preparation and indexing.  

Best of all, Briefcache will be free of charge.  While it will remain a work in progress, it is my sincere hope that it may function as a valuable and worthwhile resource to whatever audience may decide to utilize it.  

A link to Briefcache is here.

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