(As a disclaimer, this database is meant for educational purposes only, and was compiled through articles published on Ponzitracker as well as through reporting available on the internet through various sources. Kathy Phelps' monthly Ponzi roundups at ThePonziSchemeBlog.com were also a great resource.  The database generally only included Ponzi schemes of $1 million or more.  Individuals accused of Ponzi schemes are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Please feel free to direct any comments or inquiries to inquiries@ponzitracker.com.)

2012 Ponzi Scheme List

2012 continued a trend of explosive growth in the discovery of Ponzi schemes and resulting sentences handed down.  In total, at least 79 Ponzi schemes were uncovered, with the total cumulative dollar amount of nearly $3,000,000,000 - that's 3 billion dollars.  This equated to the discovery of a Ponzi scheme (1) more than once per week, (2) every 4.6 days, or (3) every 111 hours.  This included at least six Ponzi schemes with estimated losses or at least $100,000,000 or more, with the massive ZeekRewards Ponzi scheme with over $600,000,000 in estimated losses ranking as the largest Ponzi scheme exposed in 2012.

A full list of Ponzi schemes uncovered in 2012, arranged by date, is below:

In terms of sentences handed down, at least 94 offenders received prison sentences that totaled more than 1,100 years.  These sentences ranged from mere months to decades in prison, with Allen Stanford's 110-year sentence ranking as the highest Ponzi sentence handed down in 2012, and the second-highest in history after Bernard Madoff's 150-year sentence.  The total dollar amount of the Ponzi schemes for which sentences were levied: over $9 billion. 

A full database of the sentences handed down in 2012 is below

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