Madoff Trustee Seeks $189 Million in Clawback Suits

The trustee overseeing the liquidation of Bernard Madoff's failed Ponzi scheme filed another set of lawsuits seeking to "claw back" nearly $180 million from four entities that invested with Madoff through investment accounts with 'feeder fund' Fairfield Sentry.  Fairfield Sentry was the largest of the so-called 'feeder funds' that funneled billions of dollars into Madoff's scheme.  Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee, earlier this year reached a settlement with Fairfield Sentry that allows Picard to pursue clawback actions against Fairfield Sentry investors.  According to Picard, Fairfield Sentry received approximately $3 billion in avoidable transfers from Madoff during the six years preceding the collapse of the scheme.

Picard is seeking the return of nearly $190 million from Atlantic Security Bank ("ASB"), Trincaster Corporation ("Trincaster"), Bureau of Labor Insurance ("BLI"), and Naidot & Co ("Naidot").  With the exception of New Jersey-based Naidot, the remaining three companies are foreign companies, with ASB based in Panama, Trincaster in Switzerland, and BLI in China.  A list of the amounts sought from each entity is provided below:

  • Atlantic Security Bank - $120,168,691
  • Trincaster Corporation - $13, 311,800
  • Bureau of Labor Insurance - $42,123,406
  • Naidot & Co. - $13,654,907

These clawback actions derive their authority from various federal and state laws.  Under Sections 550 and 551 of the Bankruptcy Code and various sections of the New York Debtor & Creditor Law, initial and subsequent transfers from a debtor within the six-year time period preceding the filing of a bankruptcy petition are subject to avoidance.  

Including the four suits filed today, Picard has now filed clawback lawsuits seeking nearly $1 billion from Fairfiield Sentry customers, including lawsuits against the investment arm of Abu Dhabi (LINK) and the National Bank of Kuwait.

The Complaints against each entity are here: Atlantic Security, Bureau of Labor Insurance, Naidot, and Trincaster

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