Accused "Clubhouse Ponzi Schemer" Arrested in Thailand

A south Florida man accused of running a Ponzi scheme from his perch at a golf clubhouse bar has reportedly been arrested in Thailand.  A federal arrest warrant had been issued for Roger A. Miller, 58, who, according to the Orlando Sentinel, had held a press conference earlier this week claiming he was penniless and living in Thailand attempting to recover investors' money.  The federal warrant charged Miller with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution on two charges of grand theft currently pending in Broward County, Florida.  

As previously covered by Ponzitracker, nearly twenty investors filed suit against Miller alleging at least $2.2 million in damages.  According to the lawsuit, Miller was a frequent figure at the Oriole Golf Club in Margate, Florida, where he was known for his investing prowess.  Miller solicited investors with several purported opportunities, including residential housing in Thailand and hard money loans to individuals with poor credit. Several investors reported that Miller would often bring envelopes full of cash containing interest payments to the clubhouse.  However, it is now alleged that Miller did not use these funds to invest, and instead operated a Ponzi scheme.  Miller disappeared in early 2009 when the scheme is thought to have unraveled.  

According to the Orlando Sentinel, investors in Miller's scheme were defrauded of up to $5 million.  Miller has allegedly been living in Thailand since fleeing south Florida in early 2009.  It is unknown how long it will take to extradite Miller back to the United States.